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Jan 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
toward the super bowl. we now know who the 49ers will play for the nfc championship. the atlanta falcons today beat the seattle seahawks, so that means the 49ers will face-off against the falcons next sunday in atlanta. the winner of that game goes to the super bowl in new orleans on february 3rd. we will have all of the highlights of that atlanta- seahawks game coming up later in sports wra. >>> meantime, police at candlestick had their hands full last night at candlestick with dozens of ejections. 92 ejections. 62 were taken to the medical clinic. 25 people, we're told, were arrested for public intoxication. two were arrested on suspicion of dui following the game. and another two were arrested on suspicion of auto burglary. >>> 49er gear was flying out the door at the nfl store in san francisco. the store at pier 39 displayed a sea of red and gold this morning. a steady stream of 49er fans were snatching up just about anything that had a niner logo stuck to it. but it was the colin kaepernick jersey that most fans were eager to get their hands on. we talked to one fan who flew in from
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am EST
for and others want to avoid. atlanta was actually one of the best and one of the worst clubs. chicago's o'hare airport top the list for worst airports. followed by kennedy, atlanta, laguardia, and it worked liberty international airport. by liberty international airport. atlanta,work charlotte, dallas-fort worth, houston bush intercontinental, detroit metropolitan airport. t
Jan 10, 2013 10:00pm EST
for you, too. 57 degrees was the high here, atlanta 68 degrees, tampa 84 degrees today and new orleans 70. check out temperatures right now. it's 46 in the district and that's significant because that 10:00 temperature is 3 degrees warmer than our average high for the day would be. we don't even see many places in the 30s, frederick down to 37, one of the colder spots it. doesn't look like it's going to be that -- spots. it doesn't look like it's going to be that cold tonight. we'll have some clouds coming into the picture to help keep temperatures near 40. heading into the weekend is when the warm stuff comes. you can see both the air masses. one of reasons we'll warm up so much is because we've got a really big push of cold air that will seesaw down through the west and that will make the other half of the seesaw go up on the east coast. mild conditions, warm temperatures and what are we talking about? how about 15 to 30 degrees above normal. that's for the weekend. in the short term for tomorrow when you head out, make sure you grab one of these and put it in the car. looks like we'll
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am PST
to miguel marquez, he's 60 miles north of atlanta. miguel, we saw the picture here of this tornado. tell me what you're seeing on the ground right now. >> a wide swath of damage through adairsville, it looks like, for the most part. there is a hotel that has been shredded by this storm. there is a plant that makes heavy machinery shredded by this tornado. there are several businesses along the adairsville highway, just off i-75 that have been damaged. there are power lines down throughout the area. trees are down, smashed into cars, trailers overturned, trailers damaged as well. we have seen a couple of neighborhoods where there is fairly significant damage to trailer homes. not clear where that person died, but it is not very far from where i am right now. it is still raining very hard here. the rain has been consistent. it has let up just a little bit. the other thing that is interesting, we left atlanta about 45 minutes ago, maybe an hour ago. the temperature was about 66 degrees there. it has dropped to 58 here. we're getting into the zone where the temperature changes and it is a dange
Jan 29, 2013 2:35am EST
for the big game. police in the atlanta say they're a very hot item. >> no question. you need chicken wings for the super bowl. >> it's what the lord wants. >> it's not the super bowl without it. >>> later, serious allegations of the producers of "american idol," who is making claims that could turn into a legal drama? >> now we have accusations of racism on the show. rough start to that season. but details coming up in just a second. >>> but first, rethinking a century-old tradition. the boy scouts of america may do an about face when it comes to homosexuality within its ranks. >> they're considering a major shift by welcoming openly gay scouts and leaders. more from abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: for generations, the boy scouts of america have adhered to a strict policy that excluded gays. but after years of protest, the iconic institution is poised to make a radical change that could open the door to gay scouts and scout leaders. after earning 21 merit badges, he was denied. his father said the change is overdo. >> the short answer is, it's about time. one of the points of the scout la
Jan 11, 2013 2:00am PST
of the morning to you, atlanta. this is hartsfield-jackson atlanta international airport. my goodness, berman, it is 63 degrees there right now later, 72. let's hop on the plane and head over. very nice. good morning to you. welcome back to "early start." it's been a week the people at boeing would rather forget. two more incidents overnight on separate flights of a dreamliner 787 in japan involving a cracked cockpit windshield and an oil leak. it comes on the heels of the dreamliner this week, a fuel spill, an electrical fire and brake problems. now there are reports that the faa will review the dreamliner's power system. cnn's renee marsh is joining us live from washington. this is an alarming pattern of incidents that have occurred overnight and this week. can you walk us through what happened? >> you mentioned it. it is just troubling for boeing there. this is not the day or week you want to have. we're talking about three incidents over a period of three days. you mentioned monday there was a fire that broke out in the belly of one of the 787s on the tarmac there at logan airport in bost
Jan 30, 2013 5:30pm PST
the potential flooding there, we have flooding in atlanta, western north carolina has already had 6 inches of rain. they're doing water rescues there. while it is snowing in chicago. so a sign of change, certainly, to make its way to the east. here comes this cold front, a long night for washington. again, this watch going out until 2:00 a.m. we'll still see storms there. here comes the cold front, finally clearing the east coast by about noontime tomorrow. so we're going to see temperatures drop off by about 30 degrees. so a snap back to reality, brian, with cold winds and temperature wind chills in the teens. >> all right, jim cantore, thank you for being with us. >>> think for a moment about the candle power and the political fire power the state of massachusetts used to have in the u.s. senate. for almost 25 years after all their two senators were ted kennedy and john kerry. ted kennedy died two-and-a-half years ago. today john kerry said farewell to his senate home of a quarter century as he now becomes secretary of state. and for a time today during his farewell, he found it too toug
Jan 31, 2013 12:00pm PST
of atlanta. a 14-year-old student is shot at price middle school on the south side of the city. the child is breathing and treated at a local hospital. a teacher is injured, possibly trampled in the confusion. police have a suspect in custody. clearly many unanswered questions in the early investigation but a recent in a rash of school shootings that are all putting pressure on congress to act. and a new tactic adding to that pressure, economic shaming. former investment banker and current chicago mayor emanuel is leading advocates to pressure banks to divest from gun manufacturers, persuaded a $5 million pension fund in chicago to divest and now california's fund for teachers frozen or divested investments in gun makers. philadelphia mayor nutter compares the strategy to the one used to pressure company that is did business with the apartheid government of south africa. our next guest shining a light on the dirty dozen, 12 big corporate investors that back the gun industry. please welcome current public advocate for city of new york, bill deblazio. how are you? >> great. thank you. >> ec
FOX News
Jan 20, 2013 3:00am PST
'clock where you are today. san francisco against atlanta. atlanta first time he they won a playoff game since the early 50's, excuse me, they went to the super bowl themselves, so, what do you say 49ers have equally frustrated on the road in championship games. how do you see this playing out? >> i think, you know what? san francisco is a great team, but atlanta last week learned how to get over the hump and come back and make it happen. >> steve: so you think it's going to be atlanta? >> i think it's going to be atlanta. i'm a sentimentalist, and tony gonzalez is there and i don't get into picking games, but go falcons. >> brian: you just did, rich. >> i know i did. >> steve: you're picking atlanta. >> we booked you and-- >> he doesn't want trouble at the airport and the game tonight at 6:30, it's going to be the ravens versus patriots. who do you like there? >> i like the ravens. >> you like the ravens. >> another sentimental choice. >> why that? because tom brady does almost as poorly against the ravens as he does against the giants? >> no, i just, i'm going with the sentimental tune, ray
FOX News
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am EST
at the possibility of tornadoes. here is a closer look at the tornado warning to the north and west of atlanta and georgia. on the northern side of the storm system we are talking about snowfall, winter storm warnings right now in effect across iowa, wisconsin with up to eight inches of snow possible, factor in the wind and it is going to feel very cold. i want to show you why we're looking at this risk for severe weather. it's been very warm. tuesday we set a number of record-high temperatures. it was 63 degrees in chicago yesterday. today you're looking at temperatures in chicago only into the upper 30s, and it's that sharp contrast with the hot temperatures, the cold temperatures that fires up this violent weather. >> reporter: a wild ride with rough weather over the next several hours, thank you for the update. jon: we have a massive recall to tell you about involving some of the best selling cars in the country, details on that coming up. and new information on a desperate standoff in alabama, a man kills a bus driver, kidnaps a six-year-old and holes up apparently in an underground bunke
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
to atlanta. the fox pregame show begins at 9:00 a.m.. then stay tuned for the ot at 1:00 p.m.. >>> flu could be wide spread in california in a week. one bay area hospital is seeing an increase in cases. kizer perm then they energy rooms are packed from patients suffering from both flu and rsv. hospital workers are giving out masks try to stop the spread of germs. >> they said it's important you put these on because the flu is so wide spread right now. health officials say there is still time to get a flu shot. some bay area pharmacies are offering free vaccines for children through the end of the month. refusing to get a flu shot has caused some hospital workers their job. at least 15 nurses and hospital staff nation-wide have been fired in the last two months for refusing to get the vaccine. some say they have allergies and others claim religious objections. health care workers in san francisco are required to get a flu shot or wear a mask. in new york governor andrew has declare claireed a public health emergency because of the flu. that comes after 25,000 cases of flu were reported in tha
Jan 3, 2013 2:35am EST
to the coastal carolinas. and lake-effect snow from erie, pennsylvania to grand rapids. >> upper 40s from atlanta to dallas. 80 in miami. just 20s from boise to salt lake city. >>> all right. do you want to get your caffeine fix and help the environment at the same time? no. but if you want to, you're in luck. >> starting today, starbucks is rolling out its reusable plastic cup. it will cost you $1 and you can get ten cents off each cup of coffee when you use it. hopes are not too high for it. a few years ago, starbucks said they wanted to serve a quarter of their drinks in these things. that goal has been reduced to 5%. every little bit helps. >> i'm just thinking how to keep it sanitary. >> go home, put it in the dishwasher. >> and then you have to carry it or what have you? >> they wash it for you when you get there. they do. thank you, suzanne, for that little tip. put you at ease? >> i'm at ease. it's going to be a great year. a phobia free, germ free year. >>> coming up, how two 5-year-old girls had the where withal to stave their mom's life. >>> but first, pop stars and paparazzi. a photog
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Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
is live in atlanta on this story now. what happened, elizabeth? >> reporter: melinda herman was home alone with her children last friday when she called her husband donnie. he was at work in atlanta. they live 45 minutes west of atlanta. she heard an intruder break it into her home. that is when she called her husband. the phone call you're listening to is between her husband and the 911 operator. he was on another phone. he had just taken his wife to a gun range to teach her how to shoot the gun. listen. >> he is in the bedroom. relax. just remember, everything that i showed you. everything that i taught you, all right? she shot him. she is shooting him. she's shooting him. she's shooting him. she's shooting him. >> okay. shoe shoot him gain!. shoot him! oh, no. >> she came out of the attic. she is screaming at him? >> she shot him a lot. >> reporter: police say melinda herman shot paul slater five times hitting him in the face. the mug shot we have is from 2008. bill? bill: just to be clear, elizabeth. he is talking to 911 operate or one phone and listening to his wife on another is that
Jan 31, 2013 1:40am PST
as the eye can see in this town about an hour north of atlanta. again, a funnel just crossing the interstate here in adairsville. for 20 minutes an f-2 tornado with wind estimated at 125 miles an hour demolished homes and businesses and pulled down power lines. >> there was no warnings from no sirens, no nothing. >> i was so scared it just picked me up and slinged me three times. >> reporter: overturned cars littered major georgia roads. and the twister picked up 18-cheelers and tossed them around like toys. >> i couldn't believe it picked my truck up and flipped it over lick that. i mean, i can't believe it. >> reporter: one person was killed in georgia. another death reported in tennessee when a tree fell on a shed where a man sought shelter. tornados there packed winds up to 115 miles an hour causing more misery. in indiana, a storm system left thousands in the dark and destroyed dozens of homes. >> i didn't know if i was going to make it through it or not. >> reporter: extreme weather marching across the country brought heavy rains and flooding to other areas. strong winds blew through n
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am PST
at the weather in and around the country. in washington, sunny, 52 atlanta, mostly sunny, 62 st. louis, rainy, 56. denver, mostly sunny, 53. seattle, mostly cloudy 41. >>> top stories now on a thursday morning. vice president joe biden's task force met with gun control advocates yesterday. today biden's commission meets with gun rights groups including the nra. >>> and the flu season is so severe in boston that the city has declared a public health emergency. free vaccinations are being offered. there have been at leeftz 18 flu-related deaths in massachusetts so far. >>> in december iowa was hit with its worst blizzard in years. hundreds of people were stranded and troopers when out toent out to rescue stranded drivers. on the left is a rescued driver. on the right, take look at this. >> watch out. seeing a car, seeing a car, seeing a car. whoo. >> luckily no one was injured. officials say there were more than 150 collisions during the storm. >>> the washington national cathedral announced it will start marrying same-sex couples. cathedral officials say the church will
Jan 10, 2013 5:30pm PST
: in metro atlanta's enchanted forest neighborhood, too often, families bought homes they couldn't what is left is a landscape of t foreclosures and plummeting property values. the man who bought this house, you walked him through the process. a >> that's right, educate aboutss the closing process, the application process. >> reporter: andy schnegenberger u showed us another neighborhood reynoldstown. it was first settled by freed slaved after the civil war.s today, working class families want to move in. schnegenberger directs non- profit groups like resources for communities, which guide first- time buyers through the mortgage process. the folks that you typically deal with, give me a sense of who they are? >> so our member organizations work with families that are typically low- to moderate- income, you know, annual incomes of $30,000 to $50,000 to $60,000 a year. >> reporter: the new rules are designed it to protect them from risky loans and the banks from borrowers taking a loan they cannot afford. they cap total debt payments at no more than 43% of a borrower's income; man
Jan 16, 2013 2:00am PST
. >>> and here the money shot contest you have to see to believe. an atlanta hawks fans throws the shot overhand and gets stuck between the back of the rim and the back board. they awarded him the $1,000 prize anyway. >>> and now for another look at the weather, here's nbc's meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> the worst part of this storm is going to be this morning in areas of new england especially. that's where we'll have the most significant travel impacts and the most school cancellations and delays. a lot of delays out of this storm. the snow is really just begun to accumulate through areas of connecticut, massachusetts, and rhode island. we had a lot of sleet overnight in northern new jersey and back into areas of central pennsylvania. snow tapering off through pennsylvania and southern new york. as far as totals go, enough to plow from the catskills and hudson valley through much of massachusetts and northern connecticut and rhode island and then a little plowing is needed around portland and areas of new hampshire. three inches for them. not a big deal. this
FOX News
Jan 16, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> to you guys he might be known as a rapper but in atlanta he's known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mama's. >>brian: for all his baby's mama's, here's bad news. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: you take a couple of days off and they cancel "all my baby's mamas." >>gretchen: must have been signing all the petitions. >>brian: the guy's rich any way. we shouldn't feel bad for him. >>steve: first welcome back from a couple of days off down in the sun, i think. >>brian: right. i was in -- turks and caicos. >>gretchen: i feel sorry for those children in that situation, not necessarily the babies' daddy. we have breaking news. a chopper goes down in the middle of london, leaving the pilot and passenger dead. it happened south of the thames river near the british spy agency and 10 pwhraobgs from the waterloo -- blocks from the waterloo train station. the horrific scene unfolding at the height of the morning commute when thousands of people were trying to get to work. >> we just heard an explosion. it sounded like a fighter plane flying over. we thought it was a terrorist attack and we kept s
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
mean, we have not been building them for 50 years. for example, in atlanta, only 35% of the people who want to live in urban communities that are walkable can afford -- can find them and afford to live them. it is described as the next great economic boom. they have to sell houses first; right? get out of the old house, but they would rather be in the city, and the ones of means, of course, have disposable income, no kids, exactly the kind of customers you want for your stores and part of your tax base in the city. joe courtright, also based in portland, has done a lot of research into what that means. he took walk score, based in seattle. do you know about walk score? raise your hand if you know about walk score. pretty much most of you. that rates each address in the world, i guess america, i don't know. it's google maps data in terms of walk about. joe did a study finding that -- depends what city you're in, but every walk score point is worth, on average, out of a hundred, worth $2,000. every point on a hundred-point scale, which figures in dc an empty lot in the city is worth $200
FOX News
Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
selling list, thank you very much. and back to the tip of the day. and from atlanta, as a free market supporter i don't begrudge good business strategy, but was dismayed by al gore selling to al-jazeera, spare us this hypocrisy, al. and steve, withholding his name. and jose o'reilly the reason you're upset with al gore, he wouldn't sell to your buddy glenn beck. and here is what i'll admit, steve, you are an incredible pinhead. newscorp owns "the factor" and we reach about 95% of the country. wise up. tim donovan, massachusetts, al gore will make more money from the oil industry than bush and cheney combined. that is true. and maurice, also from san jose, al gore exercised good business sense the action is not hypocritical. what is it about san jose? i've got to get out there. jack from melbourne, australia, bill, the economists says my country is the second best place to be born, switzerland is first, but you say the usa is the best place despite its ranking at 16. first of all, i admire your patriotism toward your country, jack, i say the usa is the best place because it offers the
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 3:00am PST
be known as a rapper, but here in atlanta, he has 11 kids and baby mama. >> steve: a woman who has never petitioned anything in her life is fighting back on this one. she'll be here live. >> gretchen: he's obama's pick for secretary of defense. but some of the president's own party say they don't like him as that role. a democratic senator with big concerns joins us next my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. i just got start and i'm like "hey, that first 20 came off, well it wasn't too hard at all." i love breads. you can still eat bread. i love my sweets. i can still h
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Jan 10, 2013 3:00am PST
are afraid that the government is coming for their guns. in atlanta, the guns are flying off the shelves. savannah, buying anything gun related. in utah, the city is encouraging people to arm themselves and talking about giving teachers hand gun training. and the web site house of guns says one million ar 15 magazines are on back order. people want to protect themselves. >> gretchen: they do. i think you can take the conversation way too far to say okay, should we have a little bit more gun control or take your guns away? i think that's a totally different discussion. one thing i hope they coo in this gun discussion is to have a discussion about the other issues as to how we've come to this place, like video games, like mental health, like all these other things that affect the culture that we currently find ourselves in. >> brian: because when you talk about tucson, aurora and tucson, the guys were crazy and the people knew and didn't act. they're focusing on the amount of carnage instead of the guys showing up armed. >> steve: in russia, the information agency, they say the quote, amer
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm PST
and prevention in atlanta. and it's already killed, authorities tell us, more than as to children. we expect to get a better picture of the flu season tomorrow when the centers for disease control issues it's updated report. emergency rooms are getting three times the amount of patients. a bigger concern in massachusetts, outside boston, the mayor announced state-run flu clinics have run out of the vaccine. but he says the locals still have plenty of options. >> appears all our local pharmacies, cvs, wall greens, rite-aid, and target, has that available. we ask the public to please check with their store location. we have checked throughout and right now they all have some. some sort of administration costs. so there is amp supply right now in the community. >> shepard: then in boston, the city declared a public health emergency yesterday. we're live in boston. molly, how is the scene? >> number of people have the flu and have come forward. they've been trying hard to bring attention to this, convincing people to get flu shots and wash the hands and take all the processes needed to stem the
Jan 30, 2013 10:00am PST
's amazing what soup can do. >>> we have this breaking news, the entire metro atlanta area is now under a tornado watch until 4:00 eastern today. a severe storm system is pushing east. video posted to youtube tracks the tornado hitting adairsville, georgia, where one person is confirmed dead. >>> extreme weather and climate change are at the center of "the future," an urgent appeal to action. i sat down with al gore today and asked if the time is also right after newtown for new gun laws. >> i would hope that this is the moment when we finally do act. of course, i campaigned in 2000 for additional restrictions on sale and distribution of these weapons. i spoke at the memorial service at columbine and said frequently, no more columbines. we've had six gun incidents in schools this year, and it's still january. it is time to act, and the horrific tragedy at sandy hook elementary has to be the crossing of a line beyond which we finally do act. >> in fact, this is the first vigorous gun debate that we've had in this country since the 2000 campaign. >> yeah. >> do you feel that the gun debat
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
in atlanta, recorded it there and came back up here with it. i was like, this is a hit. we got to do this. it's going to be viral, really. you're going to learn it this morning? >> i'm going to watch. >> yeah, exactly. will be fun to watch tony do this. >> i was hoping you were going to. >> i'll try it at the end. we want to see you all. >> let's hand it over to teri s and the beltway steppers. >> all right. ♪ teri s in the building ♪ ♪ [ rapping ] ♪ ♪
Jan 3, 2013 1:40am PST
in the southeast. showers along the gulf coast. >> just shy of 50 in dallas, atlan atlanta, and new orleans. mostly 30s in the northeast. teens in minneapolis and fargo. >>> and coming up after the break, we told you about hannah storm's triumphant return to tv after a horrible propane accident that left her seriously hurt. >> up next, how to make sure your propane grill is safe and secure. great information you need to know, coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by ariba medical. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look! no ugly spots! and see that shine! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow! awesome! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution and get up to 50% off. [ male announcer ] why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell...?? dura
Jan 15, 2013 1:40am PST
. it happened in atlanta at halftime at a hawk's game. >> a season ticketholder would win $1,000 for hitting a half court shot. wait for it, wait for it. it's up and oh, that is where the ball ended up, right on back of the rim. >> it was such a rare occurrence that the hawks did the right thing and gave the guy his $1,000 prize any way. good for him. >> i like it. not only did he make his money, the hawks won the game. enjoy the cash, dude. >>> coming up in "the skinny," how justin bieber is responding to complaints about his wardrobe. >>> later, why a young man invented this. a car for his parrot. there's more here than meets the eye. you're watching "world news now." >>> "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men mustache and beard. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don'
Jan 30, 2013 1:40am PST
in pittsburgh as well. across the southeast, 62 in atlanta with rain spreading in through the day. 80 across florida. >> thanks so much, jim. >>> new details about a missing american who vanished in turkey. grainy surveillance video was released by turkish police may offer the best lead investigators have as they search for the 33-year-old. the videos were taken january 20th, about two days before she was supposed to return to new york. she's seen eating alone and shopping before she disappeared. >> passport in the room, and i've heard even her cell phone was in the room. i don't like that combination, because that leads me to believe that someone was able to lure her out of the room. >> her husband and brother are in istanbul meeting with authorities and asking local media in their help in the search. she was traveling alone on what she described as her dream vacation. >>> the defense has started presenting its case in a murder trial unfolding in phoenix. jodi arias admitted to killing her boyfriend. she says, though, it was all in self-defense. >> reporter: jodi arias listens as her lawyer
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am PST
. atlanta, 53. washington, d.c., a high of 50. i'll leave you with a look at this, it includes the severe storm area. now, your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. >> coming up, we've got video and pictures of record snow from somewhere up here. you'll have to stick around to see it. for now, back to you. >> that game out of the way in miami just before the big rain. >> just in time. >> ginger, thanks very much. >>> coming up on "gma," dramatic, new details in the trial of the woman accused of killing her ex after he broke up with her. what the jury is learning, now, about the couple before their split. >>> and the million-dollar murder mystery around a lottery winner's death, just one day after he found out he had the winning ticket. >>> plus, brooke burke-charvet is here live speaking about her health struggle for the first time since her surgery. >> cannot wait to hear from her. >>> and josh is live in miami, where the fans have been celebrating all night long, josh. >> all night long, george. apparently, there's rain headed here. what do you say we get a couple of these newly m
Jan 20, 2013 8:45am EST
for 50 years. in atlanta, only 35% of the people who want to live in every joint and a setter walkable can find and to that end. chris weinberger describes this as the next great economic boom. they have to sell their houses and get out. but they'd much rather be in a city and the ones that need have disposable income, exactly the kind of customers who bought for your stores and your tax base in the city. joe cortright also based in portland has done a lot of research into what that means and he took walk square based in seattle. raise your hand if you know about box score. most of you. reteach address in the world. i guess it's america. google maps data in terms of its workability. so joe cortright did a study and found it depends with 50 year reign, but every point is worth on average added 100 about $2000. every point on a 100-point scale figures in d.c. an empty lot is worth $200,000. people are paying more for these places. the premium for walkable housing versus drivable housing is about 50% in seattle, 150% of denver, 200%. the exact same footage rather than outside the city. se
Jan 7, 2013 9:00am PST
of a foreign policy think tank called the atlanta council. he has been active in washington but out of the public eye, obviously. you know some of the controversy. interesting here, the criticism of mr. brennan is that he's too tough, too muscular, the drone strikes. the criticism of senator hagel, democratic president picking a republican. and the criticism from fellow republicans is that he's too soft, not strong enough on israel, not tough enough on iran. it's an interesting policy divide. as you know from this town, some of it is personal. a once close relationship with fellow vietnam veteran john mccain. they separated. part of it is policy. part of it is personal. if you do the math right now, he has a tougher hill than most nominees to climb. the president likes him. the president is comfortable with him. senator hagel will have to do a little diplomacy in the halls of the senate. he knows how that works. >> in the east room for this announcement. the president will nominate whom he hopes will be his next defense secretary and his next cia director. does he really have any ch
Jan 9, 2013 11:00am PST
a homicide. with me now, mike morris of the atlanta journal constitution here. so, welcome. >> hi, brooke. >> read your piece in the "ajc." last seen alive wednesday night. >> about 23 hours earlier. >> tell me about the murder scene, what do you know? >> it was in his gun manufacturing business that he had up in franklin county, about 80 miles northeast of atlanta. and there were numerous weapons found in close proximity to his body and his family is wondering why didn't he use one of those to defend himself. >> one gunshot wound. >> one gunshot wound to his head. and after the autopsy by the gbi, they determined it was a homicide and not a suicide. >> do investigators believe his work possibly with this youtube channel, this fpsrussia, is connected to his death? >> they will not say. i tried to pin them down today on a motive or if they had any suspects and they're just not saying. >> they're not saying the last person he talked to -- >> they won't tell me the last person he talked to, who found him dead, won't say. >> this guy was obviously as we see the videos and i clicked on some, y
Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
averages 38. it will be 50 on saturday. 60s in washington. 70 in atlanta, georgia. should be about 52. so 20 degrees above average on the east coast. and on the west coast, a whole different affair. we'll look at salt lake city, between 5 and 10 inches of snow between today and friday. so big-time cold, guys, coming to the west. rockies, a bomb for skiers in the west. >> a summer weekend in new york. >> yes. >> 20 degrees above average. >> thank you. >>> we have a packed hour ahead on "early start," including a race to save the whales. ice is closing in. it's a tragic story. the technology needed to save them still very far away. we will talk to an expert from one of the biggest aquariums in the world about their chance of survival >>> and a surprise for a couple of hurricane sandy victims. their house was filled with four feet of water and mold, they thought it would be gutted, but they had no idea that volunteers made it as good as know. >> first, i call thimble, i call the top hat. no matter which piece you like you better vote for it soon or it may be gone forever. we'll tell you why.
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am PST
correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, joins us this morning. he's at cnn center in atlanta. sanjay, good morning to you. put this in perspective for me. how do we compare it to last year? >> as you pointing out, you take a place like boston, for example, and it's about ten times worse, 700 cases versus 70. but this is clearly a much more severe season as compared to last season which was relatively mild. the question that a lot of people are asking now, is this more and this is early peaking and will taper off earlier as well or will it just stay high now for the rest of the flu season? we don't know the answer to this. also this particular strain. it's h3n2 just appears to be a more severe strain. we've seen this before. it was severe then, it's severe now. more people having significant sickness as a result. >> every year around this time you hear two things. people saying every time i get a flu shot it makes me sick so i'm not going to get a flu shot. or they say i never get a flu shot and i'm healthy and so i'm not going to bother getting a flu shot. so as a doctor, what do you tell them? >>
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